Discover the powerful secret to feeling confident & comfortable in your body shape, getting your desired shape in 7days without workout or surgery.

“What if I told you, that your booty is a ghen ghen”
For as long as we have existed, men have always been mesmerized by the contraptions behind women.
 “whatever” they may be doing sometimes they can’t help but be captivated by a powerful booty, sometimes time stops self in awe of a majestic booty, this very much I can tell you …

Here is my story:

I had always been underweight. 

I felt really low in my confidence

..And I had tried every other product out there to help me get back in shape.

Believe me, they just did not work.

With some products Maybe I would put on a little shape & lose it again…

In less than no time and I’m back to zero.

Sad right? well, that’s exactly how I felt

 I even opted into many gym programs 

But never got what I wanted

Also not as fast as I wanted it 

And besides gym was not just my thing

That faithful evening I was scrolling on Instagram when I came across a similar story as mine.

I scrolled past it at first but Out of curiosity, I went back and clicked on it, again. 

It was after reading the lady’s testimony of Organictrients products. 

it that I decided I would give this a try. 

With the help of their tutor & products, I began my journey.

Here’s what I did:

 I followed the steps every day. 

I wrote my desired Body shape on paper and stuck to it on my journey

Using the lady’s story as my motivation. 

I did whatever I was instructed to do and followed every instruction 

Just within the first week, I started seeing improvements and I really felt good about it

What some of our satisfied customers are saying after experiencing the wonders of these product 

I consistently used it for 3 months now and the results have been alarming, Thank you so much

              Bambi guy guy: Cape coast

I can say your products are very good and work like magic. This is the third week of use and the results, I must say are very amazing. I’m coming to buy more

   ETYGREG ETIENO: Mankessim

I must confess, I never believed it until a friend of mine introduced it to me at a wedding. Your products have been a wonder

                       Joyce: Kumasi

Hello, Good afternoon, waww, Your products are very amazing, and are working for me. I’ve gained weight in the right places

                     Martha: Ablekuma

My hubby had been out of town for a month.

So I told myself that by the time he came back, the body I would achieve my desired body shape. 

I then visualized his reactions to my body change. 

I believed it would happen this time and then I let it go

  And guess what?
In just 5 days the improvements were amazing.

It’s been 3 weeks now since I began, and the results have been Satisfying!

Fellas and to all those ladies out there focus on your result.

 Believe completely that it is going to work
And trust me it will surely work for you 

visualize it and let it go. It will happen!

It really will happen if you really can feel, believe it & go for it.

Thank You Organictrients

Here are few reasons why I'm so confident that you will get your dream shape by using these products

A few reviews from real customers

I’ve always believed in the power of natural beauty.

 But for years, I struggled to see it within myself. 

As a woman with a more slender frame, I often felt envious of those blessed with curves that seemed to effortlessly command attention. That was until I stumbled upon Organictrients.

My journey with Organictrients began with a simple desire to feel more confident in my own skin.

I have heard whispers of its transformative effects from friends and decided to give it a try.

Little did I know, it would become a game-changer in my quest for self-love and acceptance 

From the moment I started incorporating Organictrients into my daily routine, I could feel a subtle shift happening within me. 

The blend of natural ingredients seemed to work in harmony with my body, nourishing it from the inside out.

With each passing day, I noticed my curves becoming more defined, my silhouette taking on a softer, more feminine shape.

But it wasn’t just the physical changes that left me in awe; it was the newfound confidence that blossomed within me.

I walked a little taller, smiled a little brighter, and embraced every curve and contour as a celebration of my own unique beauty.


What sets Organictrients apart is not just its efficacy but also its commitment to quality and safety.

As someone who values transparency in the products I use, I was relieved to discover that Organictrients is free from harmful chemicals and additives.

 Instead, it harnesses the power of nature to deliver real, tangible results.

Today, I stand before the mirror with a newfound sense of pride and appreciation for the body I call home.

Thanks to Organictrients, I’ve learned to love every inch of myself, curves and all.

It’s not just a body enhancement product; it’s a catalyst for self-discovery and empowerment.

To anyone out there longing to embrace their curves and unleash their inner goddess

I wholeheartedly recommend giving Organictrients a try.

 Trust me; your journey to self-love and acceptance awaits.

No guy can ignore any lady with big butt cheeks when he sees one either on the street or at home!

If you dream of being the kind of Lady that no man can ignore, then continue reading something that will work no matter how you look currently

Why risk your life over a surgery when we  can guarantee you a that dream body shape, round butt, wide hips and that hour glass figure in a natural way with purely Organic products that give permanent results with NO side effects 

Check out The 100% Organic And Very Effective Body Enhancement Products Made With Active Herbs Used By African Ladies To Acquire Bigger Hips & Butt within 5-7 Days or less, without any short term or long term side effects

Trust me having a good shape is good business and this is why keeping a man is expensive.

Most women after their wedding are careless with their looks forgetting that men always want their women to look radiant.

Looking good and attractive always will make a man keep loving a woman because most men are moved by what they see.

You cannot be careless about your looks all in the name of being a married woman and expect that your man will want just you.

You are beautiful on the inside, we know that quite alright, it is well appreciated, allow that of outside to always show too as it in the end, complements each other and he will keep admiring and wanting you every day.

Men like big butts, Period. 

Men are visual creatures; it’s as simple as that. 

So, if they see a beautiful woman with an hourglass figure they will instantly and surely get attracted to her.

Truth be told, a nice butt captures the gaze of both men and women.

I’m not saying you should get naked.

Just dress with taste and dignity and that’s enough to let their imaginations run wild.

 Give them just enough to make them want more.

Check out The 100% Organic And Very Effective Body Enhancement Products

Organictrients butt enhancement is a purely organic, effective butt enlargement product! 

While most users will start to notice results within 7 days of use, some users will see results in less than 5 days! 

Isn’t that amazing? Sure it is. 

Each bottle is a 30-60-day supply. 

Simply take one pill in the morning & two(2) pills in the evening, after a meal.

This incredible product targets only the butt, hips, and thighs and does not cause unwanted weight gain in any other areas.

Get bigger results faster by combining this with the massage oil.

  • Gives the bum and thighs a firmer & fuller shape

  • Moisturize and hydrate the skin of the bum and thighs

  • Help prevent the
    appearance of cellulite and other imperfections.

  • With Ginseng & Rosemary Extracts

  • Rosemary provides optimal nutrition for the skin and stimulates circulation

  • Easy to apply and quickly absorbed in the skin

  • The oil Lifts the hips

  • Firms and enlarges the butt

  • Prevent stretch marks

  • Fades stretch marks

  • Enlarges the butt & Hips

  • Also cures Hip-dip
    The Organictrients Boost cream works on developing and lifting the buttocks and enlarging the hips. 

    The cream of avocado extract and natural collagen together with other natural ingredients helps to raise the buttocks to the top and enlarge addition to minimizing lines sagging.

     Also helps the skin to maintain flexibility and gives a natural shape

Butt & Hips 

Starter Pack 


Save up to Ghc200

This package contains:

  •  60capsule Bottle of Butt & hips power capsules

  •  250ml Ultra shape gain syrup

  • Results are permanent
Butt & Hips 

Medium Pack

GHC550 GHC850

Save up to Ghc300

This package contains:

  •  60capsule Bottle of Butt & hips power capsules

  •  250ml Ultra shape gain syrup

  • Booty boost supplement (Powder)

  • 1 free 60ml hips, thigh, and thick legs oil

  • Free 30cpasules

  • Results are permanent
Butt & Hips 

Complete Pack

GHC830 GHC1350

Save up to Ghc520

This package contains:

  •  60capsules of Butt & hips formula

  •  500ml Ultra shape gain syrup

  • 150ml of hips, thigh, and thick legs oil

  • Boost cream

  • Booty boost supplement (Powder)

  • free 60capsules of Butt & hips formula

  • 1 free 150ml hips, thigh, and thick legs oil

  • 1 free 250ml Ultra Shape Gain  Syrup

Improvement within 4-7 Days of use

The ingredients in our brand-new butt enhancement products are natural and mimic women’s natural hormones resulting in the enlargement of the butt. 

These products for buttocks are made such that they increase the estrogen level making the enhancement process work.

These formulas have natural ingredients that are lab-tested and approved. 

The herbal ingredients work together to reorganize fat to the places our female bodies need fat. 

We are naturally supposed to carry our fat stores in our hip zone and breasts for childbearing and evolutionary reasons. 

These supplements balance the hormones, so the fat is stored where it’s supposed to be stored.

 They also keep any water weight right where it will be most appreciated, rather than making us look all-over puffy throughout the day. 

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Here are some of the things people have been saying about our products

Finally I have found a shape and breast enhancement product that truly works. I was specifically searching for a product that worked on both my butt, hips and breasts. THESE PRODUCTS LIFTED MY BREASTS AND PLUMPED MY BUTT & HIPS VERY NICELY. My tummy got flatter also. Now I smile every time I walk past a mirror. So happy I tried this. Ordering my 3rd bottle now. I am truly amazed and happy with my new body.
Mabena Osei
Alright so before I even give feedback I need to make it crystal clear that this is a real review. I was not paid to review the product or given a free bottle to review. I spent my hard earned money that came from my own earnings. I have been taking the products for about 7 days and can notice a difference already. I didn't have a massive booty. That curve that makes a full bubble just ain't there just looks like I have an extended back with wide hips. Well I am noticing that bubble shape now starting to form. To clarify, I am very sure to eat lots of protein and I have worked out with at least 30 min of cardio and 20 min of good squats and deadlifts but couldn't get what I wanted. This is my normal routine I've been doing for years and no visible results until I started using this product just a week ago. I can recommend this to anyone trying to gain a good shape. I will continue to update as the weeks go by. I would recommend this for sure
East Legon
I’ll be honest I wasn’t consistent with this , but recently I got back on it (by using an alarm to tell me) I take it and wow ! My butt is actually growing It really works...I can barley fit into my size 1 jeans.. I already ordered more!!♥️♥️
Rita Agyei
Volta Region
I've been using these Products for about two weeks now to achieve a larger butt, Hips & breasts are already very large so I was a bit hesitant to try these Products in fear of my breasts growing even more but I decided to get them anyway for it’s other benefits. Sadly I don’t have any before photos of my body but I've definitely noticed my butt has shaped up within these two weeks and my skin has been looking more clear and smoother than usual. My stomach bloat has also decreased after taking these products and I haven’t experienced any period crams that I usually would get while on my period. These products does almost everything it says it would do, and unlike a lot of reviews on other platforms my reviews is real and I'm being 100% honest. On top of that they are also very easy to use, they don’t have a strong taste and they are all natural so I don’t have to worry about putting any dangerous chemicals in my body. I recommend these enhancement Product to everyone who would like to shape up their body fast! I’ll definitely order more once I finish my first set.
Nancy Chukudi
So I just finished the complete set today and wow!!!! I continued to see results from week to week and man oh man I can't wait till the end of of this journey. I'm gonna have the big ole ghetto booty I've always dreamed of lol. I catch myself in the mirror and cant believe its me sometimes. The real testimony behind this is the attention from others that I've been getting, I get stairs from men and women 🙂 have never had that before. My butt has become so juicy and filled out my dresses a coworker asked me yesterday if I wear butt pads. I recently added the Flat tummy set and that took my shape growth to a whole another level. I highly recommend to use the product consistently. I only presume that people who complain are probably the one skipping dozages Also, please don't leave this product a negative review if you didn't take it for the suggested amount of time. Again I am not paid or compensated for my review, I have 2 jobs and work overtime just to be able to afford this luxury. As an avid online shopper I don't appreciate fake reviews so I wouldn't leave such great remarks about this if it were trash. Will continue to update throughout the journey, maybe even a pic next time.
Patricia Adom
Lapaz, Accra

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The ingredients in our brand-new butt enhancement products are natural and mimic women’s natural hormones resulting in the enlargement of the butt.

 Ready to unlock your curves and embrace your best self? 

Dive into our collection of butt and hips enhancement products, resources, and expert advice, and take the first step towards achieving the body you’ve always dreamed of.

 With Organictrients by your side, confidence has never looked so good!

Here are some frequently asked questions

Yes please. The results gotten from these products are permanent

We offer delivery services to all locations within and outside Ghana

With Consistency, improvements starts as soon a 3days of use

The results gotten from these products permanent.
You will not loose the shape you’ve gotten when you stop using

All our products are carefully formulated from purely organic sources, hence they come with NO long term or short term  side effects

No please, Our Shape enhancements products only works on your shape, hence it does not give you a big or bloated  stomach

We have been in the market for over 4years and we have over 5000+ customers these have worked for & have come back with a positive feedback. Our product works magically well only if you use it consistently and also use it as instructed then there is a guarantee you will get fast & natural results.